Capri now holds an official Guinness World Record for "most national anthems sung in their host countries in one year" after completing her journey around the world to 80 countries where she sang the national anthem of each country in the national language.  

Here are the official Guinness World Record videos:

We did it!! We have now completed our mission to travel to 80 countries where Capri sang the national anthem of each country in the national language to raise money for children everywhere who have been affected by war, poverty, climate change or other unfortunate circumstances, specifically through SOS Children's Villages International.  This charity works in 134 countries and has over 540 children's villages throughout the world.  The journey began on November 20, 2015 at Unicef's Universal Children's Day celebrations in Ottawa where Capri sang the Canadian National Anthem and speak as SOS Children's Villages youngest Youth Ambassador. She completed her 80th anthem at a Washington Nationals Game on August 12, 2016.

Why 80 Countries?

We decided to go for a twist on the classical novel by Jules Verne: Around the World in 80 Days. This is not just about visiting countries however; this is about bringing children together through the common language of music.  Capri thought that many children might not know famous pop songs but that they would know their national anthem and therefore she could sing it with them in their national language.  She is hoping that her actions will inspire children around the world to use their talents to help make a better world for people everywhere.

About Us:

In their regular lives back in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Tom and Kerrie both work at Dexter Associates Realty. Tom has been involved with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver for over 15 years as both a Big Brother to his now 22 yr old 'little brother' and as a Director of the Board for 4 years.  He is also a Director-at-Large of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Kerrie is a former corporate lawyer turned real estate managing broker. She was formerly a professional ballet dancer and also danced on the NBA’s Grizzlies Extreme Dance Team back when they were still in Vancouver.


 A student of O Music Studios and Arts Umbrella, Capri has been singing, playing piano and dancing since she was 5, when she first sang ‘Castle on a Cloud’ at a Vancouver Community College musical review.  Vancouverites know her as a regular feature on Main St., busking with her keyboards and amplifier in front of the Dexter Realty office. 

8 yr old Bowen Everitt is the author of 'Bowen's Blog', a detailed blog following the 80 Anthems journey.  He has been playing piano since he was 5 and also considers himself a Minecraft expert. He is an avid reader and has also been practicing martial arts since he was 3.5 yrs of age.  He is currently a red belt in Purple Dragon Jui Jitsu & Karate and will obviously be running security on this trip!